Hey, There!
I’m Mina.

A first-time mom and wife. Once I found out about my first Pregnancy, I knew I wanted to share my experiences with other moms out there. So I created this Blog.

JoToHa, which is the short form of Journey To Happiness, is all about Mindful Motherhood and everything around it. I always dreamed about helping and inspiring other people and for me, this is the perfect way to do it. 

But there is more to me than “just” being a mom, wife and blogger. Some more interesting things about me:

• Plant-Based
• Adventure Seeker 
• Travel 
• Wannabe Minimalist
• Meditation & Journaling Beginner 


Mommy Blogger. Travel Blogger. Full-time travel family.



My husband, daughter, and I are three plant-based souls on their Journey To Happiness. We are seeking a more mindful and adventurous life. That’s why we decided to sell all of our belongings, leave our old lives behind and travel the world. Starting this year in November.

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