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Baby Activities 3-6 Months

Baby Activities 3-6 Months

Are you trying to play with your Baby but have no clue what you’re supposed to do? 
Then you’re just like me!

Finding Fun & Easy Baby Activities to entertain a 3-6-Month-old can be pretty hard. Now is the time where they really want to do things but aren’t able to do that much. That is why I decided to show you a few of the creative and smart ideas, I found on other amazing Mommy Blogs, that I used to entertain my daughter with.

Baby Activities For 3-6 Months Old

Most Baby Schedules during these months pretty much consist of Sleeping, Eating, Pooping & Playing. Most of these things are pretty easy to implement into your new mommy life, but how can you properly play with your Baby?

Here are some easy ways to effortlessly entertain your Baby:

  • Reading: I bet every Mom either bought some Baby Books, got some for their Baby Shower, or still has some left from their own childhood. Either way, take them out and read to your Baby. Do it every day, not only to entertain them but also to help them develop their language skills and encourage them to start talking.
  • Exploring: Take out a cute outfit for both of you and just head out. Use a stroller or a Baby Carrier and just explore the neighborhood or a nice park close to your home. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just let your Baby explore the environment, get some fresh air, and discover new colors and sounds. 
  • Singing & Talking: Babies love to hear you talk or sing. So start doing it as much as you can, even when you are outside doing things. They will learn a lot about rhythm, facial expression, emotions, words, and language from you. Try to give them some time to answer, this way they will learn to have conversations.

Okay. That was easy. And probably the same things you did the last couple of months. Well..,

Here are some ways you can actually play with your Baby:


Baby activities 3-6 Months

1. Baby Activities – Sensory Play

Making Sensory Bottles For Babies – By Easy Little Monster

Sensory Play Ideas For Babies – By Little Lifelong Learners

Sensory Experiences For Babies – By The Paige Diaries

Mini Rainbow Sensory Bottles – By The Kavanaugh Report

DIY Sensory Blocks – By Red Ted Art

2. Baby Activities – Motor Skills

DIY Gross Motor Baby Activities – By Joyful Bunny

Fine Motor Play For Babies – By Just Simply Mom

Simple Grasping Play – By CanDo Kiddo

3. Mom Blogs For Baby Activities

My Top 3 – favorite Blogs for Baby Activities:

My Bored Toddler  – Carol has the most creative and fun Baby Activities. I adore her page!

Nurture Store – Cathy has a bunch of amazing ideas for Baby Activities as well as other age groups.

Simple Fun For Kids – Tina’s page is awesome and you can find many great ideas and DIYs.

I hope you found some fun ideas to entertain your Baby and get some variety in your daily schedule.

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